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During my stay at The Avillion, managed to capture the sun setting over the horizon.

Sunset at The Avillion in Port Dickson

Then caught my kids looking at the horizon as the sun was setting

Daughters looking at the sunset

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After loads of travelling for work, took a short break with family to the Beach. We went to the Avillion Resort in Port Dickson. http://www.avillionportdickson.com/

It’s a beautiful place and we took a seaview room with views across the Straits of Malacca. The sea breaks against the stilts beneath the rooms and gives a soothing sound during the night. Overall, we had a well deserved break from city life. A recommended place to take your family as apart from the beaches, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Avillion Resort, Port Dickson from the beach

The view over the balcony from our room

View out the balcony

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Just opposite from the Old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is the National Mosque. Eventhough it was build in 1965, the architecture is decidedly modern and in stark contrast to the architecture of the old railway station across the road.


Some details of the mosque architecture.

The minaret

Details of the Roof

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The old Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. The Neo-Moorish styled building was completed in 1910 and still in operation, albeit in a greatly reduced capacity if compared to it’s glory days.


Details of The Kuala Lumpur Railway Station

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alright… climbed the 272 steps to the top where you are greeted with a fantastic cavern with temples within. Below is a shot looking back to the entrance.

At the top of Batu Caves and looking back at the entrance

Further in, is another cavern that is open to the sky above. This is a photo looking straight up to the heavens.

Looking up from the uppermost cavern

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OK, took an early morning trip to Batu Caves Temple one Saturday morning.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batu_Caves

This is a photo of the Lord Murugan Statue at the bottom of the staircase. During the early morning, the statue is lighted up and it takes on a golden glow. Taken on Kodak Ultramax 400.

Lord Murugan at the entrance to Batu Caves

There are usually loads of pigeons at the bottom of the staircase and I spent some time trying to catch some “fly by’s” These 2 came out the best.

Solo Fly By

A flock of pigeons flying past the statue of Lord Murugan

Two devotees at the bottom of the stairs, saying some prayers before the long ascent to the top

Two Devoted

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Strolling along the beaches in Penang, I was waiting for the sun to set to take a photo of the horizon reaching out over the sea. It was a bit overcast on that day and the sun didn’t come out to play. This image was captured in a brief moment as the sun cast some shadows over what clouds there were in the the sky.

Batu Ferringhi Beach


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