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This is the National Stadium in Beijing, China, unofficially also known as the Birds Nest Stadium because of it’s design.


I walked around the stadium a few times until I came to this view point, the most pleasing to my eye. This image was taken at dusk with zub-zero temperatures. You can see that the lake infront of the stadium is frozen over. Brrrrrr


Beijing Birds Nest Stadium


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When I was a lad…. I had one of those ladybird reading books showing wonders and facts from around the world and in it was the Great Wall of China. I was fascinated by it and wished I could go and walk on that wall.


Well, many years later, my dream of walking on the wall came true. It was a cold December day and as I approached the wall, I took my gloves of and touched it with my bare hands. Yeah, I know I was being just a little sentimental but it felt like an accomplishment to me.

And wall did not disappoint… Some parts consisted of steep steps that had to be carefully climbed whereas others parts were a lot flatter. It still amazes me in how difficult it must have been to build it.


When I arrived there, it was early morning and the air was a little misty which added some atmosphere to the images. Hope you like the photos.

View from the Great Wall at MutianYu

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

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