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Hbx tuning

Had time to go to the track a couple of days ago to work on the tuning. 3 packs of batteries were charged the night before and I got to the track at about midday. On to the test runs….

X-ray tyres 35degrees at the rear. The car handled good, with a slight oversteer into the slower corners and especially the hairpin at the end of the straight. Anyway, it was much better than I expected and I proceeded to run the pack down, just to get familiar with the car and practice on my lines. It had been years since I had last been to a track – and it showed

Pretty much the same settings for the second pack as I just wanted to improve on my driving skills but I noticed that the car was getting more loose at the rear. I would spin out in more corners and more often. Hmmmm not sure why?

For the 3rd pack I went out to the track, again, with no changes to the car and it was still loose a the back. After 5 laps I pulled in and decided to put on the original tyres on the rear. And what a change this made! The car gripped well at the back and I was able to get some smooth laps in. The original HBX tyres are harder than the X-ray 35degrees so I am not sure why I had more grip? The only thing I can think of is that the track was getting warmer through the day and the X-ray tyres were getting slippery?

Called it a day after the 3rd pack and ended up with a setting I was happy with. HBX tyres all round. Of course, I could do with more speed down the straight, but don’t we all want that?

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1st Drive

Finally got to the track and got a few runs in to test out the car and…… it’s loose at the back. So some tuning to do then. Added some toe-in, some stickier rear tyres and a body that i “hope” has more rear downforce. It then proceeded to rain and that put an end to my test session. Not even one battery pack and off home I went. Well, at least I could go back and put on the new parts. I’ll have another go tomorrow

New Porsche X-Ray body

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Setting up the micro

In the pursuit of speed, and therefore Happyness, I have done some massaging to the car.

  • Removed the shields of the internal bearings and removed the grease that was inside. This grease has been replaced with a light oil
  • Used my Sanwa M8 inplace of the original AM radio
  • Took the wrapper of the batterypack to allow the cells to sit lower in the cut-outs in the chassis
  • Put some thick oil into the friction shocks to introduce a little damping

Now all I have to do is get some track time.

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What have i done!!!

I said to myself that I would not get another RC  car for racing, but I couldn’t help myself and got a 1/18 scale 4WD touring car. Came at a very attractive price for a RTR kit and the plan is to go stock racing 🙂 just to keep costs down. Here’s the car from the outside, the brand is HaiBoxing.

Body of Haiboxing 1/18 Scale
Hai Boxing 1/18 4WD Touring Car

This is the inner view of the chassis

Chassis of 1/18 scale
Hai Boxing 1/18 4WD Touring Car

Now the fun begins and time to strip the chassis down and do some tweaking…

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