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A couple of weekends ago, my kids had their school sports day. My daughters were competing in sprint events for their houses, the 4X100m relay and the 80m dash. Both of them were in the Red House. They had been practicing hard and gave their best in their events but unfortunately, no medals this time 😦

I had earlier told some of my friends about the sportsday and they recommended I borrow an EFS 55-250mm IS lens to take some outdoor photos. This lens performed flawlessly and allowed me to capture the following action images and also to capture images from across the filed. Great stuff! I was glad I used this lens as I would not have the reach otherwise. A shout-out to Tiru and Viknesh for letting me try out this lens.

It was also raining the night before and maybe you can see in the photo that the ground was a little wet in places but luckily it was dry on the day itself with no sign of rain. Overall, it was a good day out.

In the 80m dash

Keep your eye on the prize

Podium finish

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On the prowl for another lens and I wanted something wide for landscapes and cityscapes. The lens I was looking for was the Canon EFS 10-22mm so I started looking around for a used lens in all the online forums then I chanced upon the Sigma 12-24mm and started to read up the reviews on the lens. I found out it has excellent optics and can also fit on a full frame body as well as my crop sensor 1000d. Great for my future upgrade 🙂  haha.

After constant trawling of the for sale sites, one popped up for sale and I jumped upon it. The lens totally meets my expectations, it’s sharp from corner to corner and has remarkable control of distortions. I just love it.

Below are a couple of photos, one from a park in Zhuhai, China and the other a sunset from Shah Alam, Malaysia.

Park in Zhuhai China using Sigma 12-24mm

Sunset in Shah Alam Malaysia using Sigma 12-24mm

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At the end of last year, I went on a family trip to Singapore. We stayed in the Intercontinental Hotel. A great place  that was conveniently attached to a shopping mall. We were real tourists and even took a ride on an open top tour bus 🙂


Eye of Singapore

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Recently had a great outing with some budding photographers around the Chow Kit area of KL.

It was an early Saturday start and had a cool time learning some new techniques. This was the first time I had gone out with the sole intention of taking photos and I can’t wait until the next time. Lenses used were the 18-55mm kit lens and the 50mm f1.4 Hope you enjoy the attached photos.

Tools scattered over the workbench of a key maker

Crystal bracelets for sale in the market

Shoes lined up for sale on the pavement

Looking up into the tree canopy

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