Lulworth Cove

With all the grim weather we have been having recently, I think back to the summer and a walk along the beach at Lulworth Cove in Dorset. The weather was great and so were the views. The landscape is truly dramatic.

This is a view looking down to Lulworth Cove itself.


As you walk West from here along the South West Coast Path you reach Durdle Door. This is the view along that path that passes over the cliffs.





Bring on the Summer!!



Was about 8 on Friday morning when it started at it fell quite heavy. There were some flight and rail disruptions throughout the day though the roads seemed to be pretty well prepared for the snows, well at least around where I live. This was a good opportunity to try out some snow photography so early Saturday morning I went out to the local park to get some shots in. Hope you like them.

The Tree Line in Upton Park.



Walking closer towards the tree line, there was an old tricycle in the frozen stream.



There were also some logs stacked up nearby, so I moved in for a close-up.



The lone tree


Brighton in Summer

Living in London, Brighton is a popular seaside town to visit. I like going there because of the relatively short drive, easily a day trip and for a walk along the pier. The Palace Pier is still operational with amusement rides and shops along its length. The West Pier is in a derelict condition.

The beaches are of the pebble variety and the promenade is often busy with people cycling, playing basketball and even beach volleyball.

These photos were also taken last summer. It was really busy with a lot of people out and even though the day started off a bit misty, it cleared up and ended up as a gorgeous day.











Windsor Castle

My life has taken me to now living and working in London. It’s been a really busy year but I have had the odd chance to go out and take some photos 🙂
One place I love to go to is Windsor. It is a really touristy place but what’s wrong with being a tourist?!? This was during the Summer and I hope you like the photos.

This is along The River Thames. You can rent these boats and row up and down the Thames.
On the Thames in Windsor

This is the view from the bridge connecting Windsor to Eton.
River Thames at Windsor

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle

The benches outside the castle walls are a popular place to sit and take in the sun or wait for friends ( when the sun is shining )
Benches outside Windsor Castle

Directly opposite the entrance to the castle is a street of souvenir shops and cafes.
Cafe in front of Windsor Castle

Whilst I was there, there was a show of classic cars and I also saw a couple of old buses along the high street.
Classic Cars in Windsor

Old Buses on Windsor High Street


My first attempt at shooting a minimalist image. I’m attracted by the clean images and strong compositions that they normally have.

This was taken just after sunset at a beach, camera securely mounted on a tripod, with an exposure of 30seconds, and surviving the mosquitos!!


I do like the square crop as it gives a structured composition to the image.


Tree Stump

Frozen Birds Nest

This is the National Stadium in Beijing, China, unofficially also known as the Birds Nest Stadium because of it’s design.


I walked around the stadium a few times until I came to this view point, the most pleasing to my eye. This image was taken at dusk with zub-zero temperatures. You can see that the lake infront of the stadium is frozen over. Brrrrrr


Beijing Birds Nest Stadium

Dreams do come true

When I was a lad…. I had one of those ladybird reading books showing wonders and facts from around the world and in it was the Great Wall of China. I was fascinated by it and wished I could go and walk on that wall.


Well, many years later, my dream of walking on the wall came true. It was a cold December day and as I approached the wall, I took my gloves of and touched it with my bare hands. Yeah, I know I was being just a little sentimental but it felt like an accomplishment to me.

And wall did not disappoint… Some parts consisted of steep steps that had to be carefully climbed whereas others parts were a lot flatter. It still amazes me in how difficult it must have been to build it.


When I arrived there, it was early morning and the air was a little misty which added some atmosphere to the images. Hope you like the photos.

View from the Great Wall at MutianYu

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

Port Dickson at sunset

During my stay at The Avillion, managed to capture the sun setting over the horizon.

Sunset at The Avillion in Port Dickson

Then caught my kids looking at the horizon as the sun was setting

Daughters looking at the sunset

Avillion, Port Dickson

After loads of travelling for work, took a short break with family to the Beach. We went to the Avillion Resort in Port Dickson. http://www.avillionportdickson.com/

It’s a beautiful place and we took a seaview room with views across the Straits of Malacca. The sea breaks against the stilts beneath the rooms and gives a soothing sound during the night. Overall, we had a well deserved break from city life. A recommended place to take your family as apart from the beaches, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

Avillion Resort, Port Dickson from the beach

The view over the balcony from our room

View out the balcony


People People everywhere… Just look at the number of people here. This is East Nanjing Road in Shanghai, a popular shopping street.
Nanjing Road
In another part of Shanghai you can find Antique Street. Here you can find an assortment of trinkets and antiques. Not sure if they were authentic or reproductions though.
The time of year was just perfect, with the leaves turning to yellow.

Antique Street